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Dancing Stones


'An eclipse. A tremor. A mountain wreathed in magic.'

The higher Teya climbs towards the mystical mountains of her ancestors and the ruined city of Machu Picchu, the stranger things become. Is there some magnetic force that distorts reality, or is it simply delirium, caused by the effects of altitude?


But when she is forced into a savage world where darkness and despair threaten at every turn, and ancient malicious forces seem to have some secret plan for her, Teya must find the strength to fight, to stop the horror that will change the course of history forever.

But time is strange. And time is running out.

Human Growth


‘It’s radical, breakthrough science. Potentially, it's the science of immortality. No pressure, but this will change everything.’ 

Beth Thornton wakes after a horrific accident to find that nothing is the same. She now has a choice – to accept the catastrophic outcomes of her accident, or risk everything in an experimental human trial that could completely reverse the damage in a matter of days.

But the success of this super-curative epigenome might have other applications far beyond simple healing. A second, even more radical trial might have the capacity to completely restructure the human body from the ground up, essentially regenerating tissue on a molecular level – in theory, reversing all symptoms of normal physical decline.

Beth could become the spearhead of a new generation of human possibility. Ageing might finally have been cured. A new breed of impossibly perfect, mentally mature, ageless humans is almost here.

What could go wrong?

The Peanut Gallery


It’s all very well being in the Peanut Gallery while you’re part of it, but what happens when you get kicked out, and you become the entertainment?

Fourteen-year-old Lillie has big problems. Her Dad has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, her Mum is never around, and she has a baby brother she’s practically raising herself.


But her biggest problem is far more serious. There is something very wrong with her. Somehow, she can move objects with her mind. But she has no control. Accidents keep happening – bad ones. Every time she get’s stressed or angry, some force inside her takes over and she loses it. She breaks stuff, smashes cars, and sometimes even hurts people. Is it science? Magic? Or is she just mental, like her Dad?


Thank God for her two best friends, Charlotte and Evie. But even they don’t know the truth. Where does Lillie fit if she has to lie to everyone to survive?  Her lies entangle everyone around her and her world starts to fall apart. There is a false rape, a kidnapping, a riot and a sinister German exchange student. 

And when her friends turn into frenemies, is Lillie strong enough to resist the unstoppable force of the peanut gallery?

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